Hair Transplant

With the latest technological method, get again your healthy and long-lastingly hair back with hair transplantion within short time.


Eyebrow Transplant

You will have natural and permanent eyebrows as soon as possible achieved as part of the hair transplant with FUE.


Beard Transplant

You will have a classy appearance with the transplanted beard as part of the FUE which is a logic of hair transplant.


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Our Modern Treatment Methods

We stand by you every step of the way with our different treatment methods. Our expert team has been guaranteeing the success of the treatment that best fits your medical needs for more than 8 years and we will continue to support you in the surgical field. You can contact us to be informed of the latest information available.

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DHI Plus HaIr Transplant

One of the most popular methods to cure hair loss. The Choi Implanter Pen, which is the main device of the newest technique, offers you the latest technology.

Thanks to Choi Implnter pen, the grooving and the implantation of the hair are carried out simultaneously. Thus, unshaven local micro-surgery becomes possible. This is especially preferred by women and men who do not want to shave their hair.

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SapphIre FUE

It is one of the most commonly applied and effective treatment methods in the world. This method has revolutionized cosmetic surgery and more specifically hair transplantation because it allows you to operate without leaving any trace of scar. Because of this, it has become popular since it was invented the last decade.

Thanks to this latest revolution, we are able to achieve a more precise grooving method using the blades produced by the Sapphire stones. This eliminates the irregularity and obtaining regular grafts serves to create an aesthetic appearance.

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The beard and Mustache Transplant

This type of transplant is done according to personal preferences in cases where it is the absence of a beard for genetic reasons or to increase the density of the beard and change it.

Although people usually turn to cosmetics before this method, these methods fail to achieve the desired results.

The method which consisted of the surgical operation is the best method in obtaining permanent and successful results. The beard and mustache transplant method is trustworthy in the hands of our experts.

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Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrows play a fundamental role in giving meaning and a unique expression to the face. As such, the number of people who are unhappy with their eyebrows is increasing day by day.

At the same time, people whose eyebrows are genetically sparse and those whose eyebrows do not grow due to accidents, burns, environmental effects or the drugs used prefer to have surgery.

Even though different methods are emerging, the results of eyebrow transplant are verified to have dense, natural and shaped eyebrows.



Hair transplant is a valid method for people who suffer from hair loss due to certain reasons such as disease, heredity, accident, or hormonal disorders. This type of treatment is not applicable for people born naturally bold.

The grafts required for the application are taken from the neck of our patient and these grafts should be implanted at the anesthetized hair transplant area. The reason we get the grafts from your neck is because it is genetically strong and the hair follicles on the neck do not fall out.

  • There are mainly 2 different methods, one is DHI FUE and the other is Sapphire FUE. Our doctors will decide the best treatment for you.
  • The healing process is shorter in the modern technological treatment than any other traditional types of treatments. Hence, you can have natural and permanent hair in no time.
  • After the painless treatment, our doctors regularly check your situation with the patient monitoring system and give you some recommendations on essential moments for your comfort.
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The beard, which is a central element for men to have an aesthetic appearance, doesn’t grow for many reasons or it lacks the desired density.

When this is the case, there are many treatment methods that people apply to increase the density of their beards, but most of these methods fail to produce effective results and the beard loses its softness.

One of the most popular methods that is suitable for the person’s facial features and the desired density state is the beard transplant treatment. This treatment, which provides permanent and natural results, is similar to the DHI hair transplant treatment. In this way, the beard transplant is performed fast and without shaving.

  • Thanks to the modern technology based treatment method, people recovers quickly after the treatment.
  • The beard transplant is operated according to the density of your beard and facial features.
  • It is an effective treatment to achieve quick, permanent and natural results compared to other methods of growing a beard.
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The mustache, an essential criterion of male aesthetic, adds more attractiveness to you. The mustache just like the beard shows you more charming. Although some men have the desired beard density, the mustache density can be insufficient.

Lack of mustache can be the resulte of heredity, accidents, cosmetic used, hormonal changes and the roots of mustache are weaken and lose density. Men, who don't have the mustache density they desire, turn to cosmetic care products first. Yet, this has not shown enough effect.

People who turn to mustache transplant treatment can find quickly the mustache density which makes their facial features more charismatic.

  • The most suitable planting method is carried out according to the direction of the hair follicles of the mustache.
  • The mustache transplant is done by determining the most appropriate mustache density according to the individual's facial features.
  • Compared to cosmetic procedures, fast, permanent and natural results are obtained.
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Although, hair loss seems to be more common in men as a first impression, it is in fact more seen in women. Women suffer from hair loss that occurs in certains areas of the head. This lack of hair may be the reason of the psychological discomfort and negatively affect the person’s beauty structure.

Therefore, women have started to prefer more advanced methods that are completely painless without even shaving their hair.

The most preferred hair transplant choice by women is DHI hair transplant treatment. Thanks to this method done without shaving, the person continues quickly his normal life after the hair transplant.

  • Thanks to DHI hair transplantation treatment, unshaven and painless treatment is performed.
  • Hair transplantation is performed according to the hair density and hair structure desired by you.
  • If the recommendations of our specialist doctors are followed after the treatment and the medicaments are used regularly, only 1% to 3% of transplanted hairs fall out.
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The eyebrows, which are an important part of meaningful expression and beautify the face, can be lost due to genetics, burns, accidents and other situations.

Today, with the growing influence of fashion trends, women pluck and shape their eyebrows, which in turn harms the eyebrows. The eyebrows are damaged by the effect of these behaviors and some parts of them fall out.

Although people apply cosmetic methods first, after unsuccessful results, they want to apply for eyebrow transplant to have natural and permanent eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow transplant is done too with DHI method which is actually a hair transplant method.
  • You can have natural eyebrows structure and a stylish appearance in a short period of time.
  • Since the eyebrows are the most important part of the face, the transplant application should be done meticulously and according to the shape of your face and your wishes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 8 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and transplant treatments, our team of expert doctors and efficient staff, offer you high quality health care at affordable prices. We offer you precise and reliable solutions in our services whose priority is your preferences and your comfort. We are by your side during the pre and post processing processes with a translator, private VIP vehicle, accommodation in a five-star hotel , travel plans, guide and more. Our work, which started with your contact and continues after you return to your country post-processing. The post-treatment team uses the care follow-up system, to check your condition at regular intervals and to inform your doctor. For more information, you can contact us through the phone number and email address.
The methods of hair transplant are changed and improved in line with technological developments. We offer you at your service the treatment methods that we call DHI FUE and Sapphire FUE, which are part of implantation treatments. The difference between the two is the technology on which the treatment is based. While DHI is preferred by women, the first choice for men is the Sapphire FUE method.
There are a few rules you should follow after hair treatment. Among them, the most important thing, is not to drink alcohol and not smoke. Doctors' advice should be taken seriously and medications should be used regularly. If you follow these steps carefully, hair will not fall out at 96% to 100% success rate. Finally, the transplanted hair will grow just like your natural hair.

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